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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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their dreams. this is their beginning. >> my journey begins now. >> reporter: adam housley, fox news. the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. >> a warning for prince george's county county business owners. police believe a duo of armed robbers may be targeting a certain kind of store. the news edge starts in maryland where the pair of robbers has been hitting liquor stores again and again. fox 5's bob barnard with the details from our newsroom. >> these crimes are happening during your morning commute when kids are on their way to school. the armed gunmen have robbed three stores, one in a busy strip mall. this is surveillance video of the two suspects committing their most recent crime, a robbery last tuesday morning. their target? the east pines liquor store here on riverdale road in riverdale, maryland. in the video you can see the men pretty clearly wearing dark clothing and ball caps as they confront the two store employees working that morning. one of the robbers would pull
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out a gun and demand to be let inside the office. we visited the store this evening. one of the victims told us off camera he told the robbers he didn't have a key. so they bound his and his co- workers wrist with plastic zip ties and made them get on the floor. prince george's county police say they believe the same two men robbed at least two other liquor stores last month, one in suitland and this place on september 4th. it's david's liquors in the lan dove hills shopping center on annapolis road in -- landover hills shopping center on annapolis road in landover. those robberies were both in the morning around 9:30, in all three crimes the gunmen striking as the businesses were opening. back now to east pines where the victim we spoke to says despite being threatened with the gun he and his co-worker were not hurt. he says the two men emptied the cash registers netting about $125. prince george's county police now warning other liquor stores in the county to be aware.
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the men are still out there. their robbery spree is not likely to end until they're caught. police say in one of the robberies a get-away car was spotted, a white suv with what appeared to be maryland temporary tags driven by a woman wearing a white shower cap and a white tank top. 10 years ago a very dark day for local residents. the sniper attacks began. a string of shootings that robbed 10 people of their lives. the rest of us our sense of security. karen gray houston spoke with a shooting survivor tonight. paul arufo was shot at point blank range by lee boyd malvo and changed his life forever. >> larussa thought he was shot at point blank range by some crazed gunman in a random act of violence until the laptop stolen from him that day was
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retrieved when police seized the vehicle belonging to the snipers. paul larussa says he's a changed man now. he's different. he appreciates life more and realizes you could be here one minute and gone the next. he says he never saw lee boyd malvo the day the teen-ager walked up to his car window as he sat in the passenger seat and fired five times from a .22 caliber handgun. larussa says he's recovered from the injuries and doesn't have horrible flashbacks and nightmares anymore. he says he listened to the washington post interview in which malvo expresses regret for his crime and says he believes malvo is a different person now. >> in his own words if he said he was a monster 10 years ago, i don't think he's a monster today. >> reporter: certainly want him to stay in jail, i'm sure. >> yes. i don't think him changing absolves him of the responsibility of what he did. i'm glad that he's changing and
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i'm glad that he can survive in the environment that he's in, which is mind boggling to me. he's in solitary confinement 23 out of 24 hours. >> larussa says he cannot fathom being 27 years old and spending the next 50 years or more in the same room away from society, but he says the punishment for malvo is just. the d.c. sniper case unforgettable for those who lived in our area at the time. the evidence has been locked away for years. eventually some of it will be on display in a new downtown museum opening in 2015. today fox 5's beth parker got to look behind the scenes. >> reporter: three weeks of terror, while some would rather forget the washington sniper shootings on this 10th anniversary in a warehouse in a maryland suburb they're working to keep the memory alive. >> this is the tarot card.
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>> reporter: that was left at the scene of the shooting at benjamin tasker middle school in prince george's county. >> it says call me dad. do not release to the press. >> reporter: the handwriting helped connect lee malvo to multiple scenes. the items are on loan from the prince william county police department. they'll eventually be on display at the museum being built in d.c. the largest item, the 1990 chevy caprice. >> it's a big piece. >> reporter: they're still wearing gloves to preserve these artifacts. we want to show you around the car a little bit. as you may recall, the seat of the car actually lifts so that muhammad or malvo were able to crawl into the trunk and shoot without ever leaving the vehicle. a black glove cradled the gun inside a hole cut from the truck. >> law enforcement believed it was used in this way. so the gun would sit in here. >> reporter: there's the title and registration showing it belonged to john muhammad.
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>> there's kind of creepy items and one of those is that the vehicle was purchased at a place called sure shot auto. >> reporter: a stolen sony laptop covered in residue from evidence testing. >> they used this laptop to plan their attacks. >> reporter: inside were detailed maps and get-away routes. >> they were very planned. >> reporter: the washington sniper shootings killed 10 people. this exhibit will be designed not to glorify crime, but to educate the public. >> this particular collection tells a really unique story and a really complete story about how american law enforcement investigates crimes. >> reporter: and how that work can lead to a conviction in court. >> the good guys won. >> reporter: in maryland, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> coverage of the d.c. sniper attacks continues on our website we have a slide show with pictures of muhammad and malvo, their get-away car and more and a link to an audio interview
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malvo conducted from a virginia prison. in less than 24 hours there will be the first presidential debate. the two candidates have spent considerable time on tactics and strategy. a new poll shows where the candidates stand with the voters. >> reporter: president obama leads mitt romney by 18 points among likely women voters and has a four had been point lead in an overall match-up, but romney is ahead with independents and more think he can best handle the deficit. according to a new quinnipiac poll coming out one day before the first debate. >> i'm delighted we'll have three debates. it will be a conversation with the american people that will span almost an entire month. we'll get to describe our respective views. >> reporter: the debate stage is nearly set at university of denver as both candidates work on final prep for the first match-up that focuses on domestic policies. romney is practicing at his colorado hotel, but he's been doing mock debates for weeks
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with ohio senator rob portman standing in as the president. >> i think romney has to throw the president off stride and get under his skin. maybe he mentions president obama's penchant for playing golf when the economy is souring. >> reporter: the president is prepping in nevada where he's said to be working on shorter answers and staying calm no matter what criticisms are leveled against him. >> basically they're keeping me indoors all the time. it's a drag. they're making me do my homework. >> reporter: joe biden and paul ryan don't debate until next week. so they're on the trail representing their campaigns this tuesday, biden in north carolina and ryan in iowa of jennifer davis, fox news. >> you can watch that first presidential debate on fox 5 at 9:00 tomorrow night live from denver. a scare in the air for american airlines. passengers had a row of seats come loose in midflight. now the airline figured out why. will thomas is everywhere at
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11:00. >> american airlines is responding. it says the clasps that hold the seats in place were installed improperly on several planes. so the seats came loose while the planes were up in the air. no one was hurt, but some flights had to be diverted for safety reasons. american airlines is stuck in contract negotiations with a labor union, but officials say the problem is a mechanical issue and not related to the labor problems. >> the results are in. there is no trace of jimmy hoffa's remains in a sample dug up from a driveway near detroit. the teamsters boss vanished 40 years ago. a tipster pointed police to the driveway, but it looks like the mystery of his disappearance will continue. check this out. a poodle is recovering after one wild ride. the rode for 11 miles stuck on the front grille of a car. the dog ran in front of the car in massachusetts last week. the driver never saw it, kept going. another driver finally signaled for the car to pull over. had it not ended this way, we
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would not have told you about this. as you saw, the poodle is doing well. now they have to figure out who she belongs to. after all this attention i suspect they will. it's been a few months since construction ended in adams morgan. now residents and business owners are complaining about another eyesore. how the city is explaining that problem coming up. >> the pictures are telling the story tonight. this is the oxon hill camera. hello, it's a little bit foggy out there. we also have heavy showers moving into the warrenton area. i'll have your forecast. >> check out the rundown. we're back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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some business owners in adams morgan say they're getting tired of all the construction. an 18 month streetscape project ended in july. the old sewer lines remain and business owners say that's the problem. the sewers are still breaking down and need more repairs. >> now we're going to look at i believe years of sewage problems here in the neighborhood and every time there's a sewage problem it's going to be dealt with individually. we'll have sidewalks dug up. up
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>> big he and other -- he and other leaders approached the city but no action was taken. d.c. water says fixing the sewers was never part of the streetscape project and added the issue is not the pipe's age but grease. city restaurants are accused of not disposing of their grease properly which can clog up the sewers. lots of items get sold on ebay but one sale as new york city officials scrambling. a retired new jersey locksmith recently sold a set of master keys to new york city. the keys can shut down elevators, open subway gates and get into electric circuit breakers all over time. a newspaper reporter posing as a buyer bought the set. officials are concerned master keys could get into the wrong lands and are now thinking about ways to -- hands and now are thinking about ways to prevent that from happening. >> let's close some of these loopholes and put a tough law in place. >> the retired locksmith sold the keys for nearly 150 bucks.
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he says he has the other items he can sell but has now taken down his ebay page. a popular discount airline is about to raise prices and there's a new report on teen behavior that may help parents sleep at night. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight it appears teenagers are getting the message drinking and driving doesn't work. no. 5, the number of teens who drink and drive is on the decline. a study by the centers for disease control and prevention found the numbers of teens driving drunk dropped 50%. high schoolboys 18 and older were the most likely to drink and drive. no. 4, make sure your teenagers are getting enough zs. poor sleep habits during teen- age years may be linked to increased risk of heart disease later in life. researchers found the worse the sleeping habits, the more likely they were to have high cholesterol, a larger waist size and body mass index. no. 3, auto sales up in september.
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toyota posted a 41% jump over last year. chrysler was up 12%, gm saw an increase, but ford sales were flat. no. 2, just in time for the holidays toys r us is trying to get your business by offering a price match guarantee on all items in their stores. the retailer will also match a competitor's online prices for any items available on the toys r us and babies r us websites. no. 1 tonight, it will cost more to carry bags on spirit airlines. starting november 6th the low cost carrier will charge passengers who wait to pay those carry-on fees at the gate $100. you can avoid the higher price by paying the fee online and that's tonight's fox 5 top five. i saw the fog out there on the tower cam. >> isn't it? it may be around for the morning commute. some folks might need extra time. check this out. we showed you oxon hill earlier.
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this is our metro camera. you can see a couple lights here and there, but the district's visibility has actually dropped since the last sure or so. we're down to about a few tenths of a mile in the district. from the looks of this camera we're down to zero visibility. be very careful driving later tonight and first thing in the morning. this fog might be hanging around. dense fog advisory could be issued. we'll see how widespread this gets. visibility in the district is just 1/2-mile and gaithersburg about 1/2-mile. .3-mile at dulles, about .7 at annapolis, a little better out to places like culpeper. part of the reason it's better there is because it is raining. i'll show you what is going on. we want you to know the 80s are making a comeback tomorrow. at least we think. so this warm front is not moving. we expected it to move through by now and our temperatures would be even warmer than they
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are. we're at 72 degrees. the front is still down here. if it doesn't move, our temperature could be off by some 5 or 10 degrees for tomorrow. we're expecting to hit about 85 degrees. you might have to settle for 75 in some areas. listen, here is what we're looking at up and down the east coast. it's still 76 in raleigh, 87 for their high temperature today and 20 degrees cooler in pittsburgh at 67 this hour. most of us are seeing either fog or mist and a little drizzle. check out this the line that is growing coming through fauquier county. i'm going to put this in motion. you'll see right around the warrenton area as this comes up from the south in the last hour it's kind of holding together. heads up prince william county and manassas into chantilly. you might be getting some brief heavy downpours. the bulk of the heavier an unthat produced a couple inches in -- heavy rain that produced a couple inches is now gone.
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we'll keep a shower in the forecast overnight, isolated heavy downpour. most of tomorrow will be on the dry side. because this warm front will be hanging around, there could be a spotty shower or thunderstorm especially in the afternoon. that will pretty much be the same forecast for our thursday. going into the weekend i think friday looks terrific and a big change-up for the weekend. we've got three warm days we're expecting. this temperature is dependent on what the warm front does. if it hangs around, we could be cooler. we could have a better chance for showers and storms if it doesn't move through. saturday night into sunday temperature on sunday about 66. we drop to 46 at night. into columbus day we're only talking about temperatures in the low 60s. so the coolest air we've seen so far this season is rolling into town we think sunday and sunday night. that's it for your accuweather seven-day forecast. i'll tell you, what it was hard for the nats even with that fog out there. scott smith has got your sports report. >> this is the verizon sports
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desk with scott smith. >> the nats still have to fight for home field advantage, a win tonight in conjunction with a reds loss enough to secure it, but davey johnson giving all but two of his regular starters the night off. bryce harper and adam laroche get the start against the phillies this evening, a foggy one in south east washington. bottom of the 6th game tied 1- 1. adam laroche, sends it to deep right field. it has enough to clear the fence. we call that a home run. laroche's career high 33rd of the year, 100th r.b.i. the nats up 2-1. later in the 6th bases loaded for steve lombardozzi. he almost takes their heads off nats up 3-1. bottom of 8th now 3-2 nats. lombardozzi this time batting right-handed, fly ball to center field. john mayberry makes the catch. there's the tag. nats defeat the phillies 4-2.
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however, the reds also win. both teams tied heading into tomorrow's regular season finale. after the game davey johnson explained why laroche was on the field tonight. >> didn't have him in the original lineup, but i said he's going to probably want to play. i said when he comes in, if he wants to play, he can play. harper caught me of last night and wanted in there and they're in there, but it was great to get that milestone out of the way. the orioles in st. pete against the rays, no score top of the 4th. chris davis who entered the game with home runs in five state games takes it to deep center field well over the 404 mark, his 33rd of the year matches a franchise record with six game home run streak. o's edge the rays. the yankees win in extras over the sox in 12.
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the yankses have a one-game lead on the o's -- the yanks have a one-game lead on the o's in the division.
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four weeks to the day wizards tip off the nba season on the road at cleveland. four weeks after that john wall is scheduled to rejoin the team. now it's a lot of rehabbing the injured knee. open training camp at george mason today, head coach randy wittman, his first full season, everybody gets restless on the eve of camp. >> didn't sleep much last
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night, but that's always good. i never sleep before we play. excitement is there just as it is for me to have a chance to start this thing from the beginning. >> i really have a hard time sleeping, too as well. it's the same way before a game. i guess i'm used to it now. whenever you got to get up and perform, me personally i just stay up thinking about it all night replaying just trying to envision myself doing something before i do it and get out here and try to accomplish that. back to sunday pregame, redskins defensive back brandon meriweather collides with aldrick robinson. both players were slated to play against the bucs, but this just a bizarre collision put them on the inactive list. the head coach addressed their status starting with robinson. >> he feels very good right now, looks good, but he's going to have to take some tests the
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next couple days and if he looks okay and passes those tests, he'll be able to practice and potentially play. brendan, mcl, pcl, i think we'll be able to tell in a week's time the length it will be, but right now he'll be out the next game. >> brian back to wrap up the edge after this. are you ready ? share everything by turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot for up to 8 wifi-enabled devices at no extra charge. like the new droid razr m by motorola only $99.99.
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now you have the news edge. as always, thank you for staying up late. see you tomorrow. >> fuehrer -- fox 5 news isn't over. go to for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.


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